The Hype of the Himalayas

Why is Himalayan pink salt so good for you? Why do people, like me, go to meditate, heal and relax in a room filled with Himalayan salt?

I love using this salt and definitely see the benefits, which I've mentioned below, compared to when I only used regular or kosher salt. That said, using regular salt is important for the body as well because everyone needs a bit of daily iodine to help their "system" work properly and well.

One day I when looking for help for my migraines/head pain, from a concussion, I came across a place that has a Salt Room. Yes, you read that right...a Salt Room of Himalayan Pink Salt. I was skeptical of what it could do, but being in so much pain, I thought what the heck, I'll try it. It was surprised at how it relaxed me so much and did help me with the pain. I didn't get rid of all my pain in just one visit, though any little bit helped and I could feel the difference. Yay! The owner also told me to try salt pebble under my tongue when I felt low in energy. I was most surprised at how fast that worked for me...seriously...just one little grain of the salt and Boom! I was energized! Well...from then on I was hooked and wanted to know more about this magic salt. Bonus, I love the way it makes my food much more flavorful. :o)

Himalayan pink salt has over 84 trace minerals and elements. It is very nourishing for your body and helps in the following 6 ways:

1) Promotes healthier skin

2) Improves your digestion

3) Promotes healthier hair

4) Helps with detoxifying you body

5) Boosts your energy

6) Promotes healthier nails

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