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Group Dance Lessons

Are you looking for a hobby that involves meeting new people? Are you looking for a fun way to get some exercise on a weekly basis? Are you interested in learning to dance? Steve and Lara have multiple opportunities every week to learn to dance, meet new people, get moving, and have a great time. Check out all our lessons and dances in the DC area. You don't need a partner to attend any of our events. We rotate partners during the lessons, and our dances are beginner friendly where everyone dances with everybody.

What is West Coast Swing (the latest dance craze around the world)? West Coast Swing (aka WCS) is one of the nation's most amazing partner dances because it is fun, challenging, and versatile. It can be danced to an incredible variety of music-popular, rock, R&B, jazz, blues, country, hip hop, zydeco, disco, oldies, Latin, basically any music that uses a 4/4 time signature. The greatest part of this dance is that is for all ages from ages 4-100+ and appeases the likes of all those generations because of its music and style versatility.  WCS can be performed simply and easily with a few basic patterns; or it can be embellished with an extensive repertoire of patterns and footwork variations. It is one of the few partner dances that allows for a great degree of experience between the dancers. The structure is such that an accomplished dancer can enjoy him or herself with a beginner and that makes for a very friendly dance environment.

West Coast Swing with Lara Deni

Deni Danzco Studio, 3408 Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA ​

Max 12-14 people per class


Monday - Level 2 and Level 3

Oct 9,16,23 / Oct 30, Nov 6, 13 / Dec 4, 11, 18

7:00pm - Level 2 (*Sept is Month 4 of the syllabus)

*You can start any month at any time. It does not need to be in order.

7:45pm  - Level 2/3 Drills/Technique/Musicality

8:30pm - Level 3

Note: No partner needed for any classes

Thursday - Level 1

Oct 12,19,26  / Jan 4,11,18

*Note: There will  be no 3 week series for the level for Nov/Dec- Join us at 8pm on Mondays for our WCS dance
7:00pm - Level 1 (no partner needed and no experience needed)

Cost: $74/month (3 week series)

             $200/monthly subscription - Unlimited monthly class membership (cancel your subscription at anytime



1) Classes are 45min 

2) Refunds offered only 48 hours before class/class series starts

3) You can make-up a class with a class that is of a lower level and running during your current series class time period

Explanation of Levels

  • Level 1 -  No Experience Necessary - This class series will be the same material taught every series, and therefore many take this level multiple times as a refresher, to really understand and apply the information given, and/or as a warm up for the Level 2 class

  • Level 2 - Level 1 Graduate- See bottom of page for what is taught/covered for that each particular month.

  • Level 3- Level 2 Graduate- Turn techniques, Leaders Turns, Re-directs, Sling Shots, Variations, and so many more. Learning how your basics can be changed into Intermediate moves and the techniques behind them. The moves and information learned in this class is endless. You will not be bored!

  • Level 2-3- Drills/Technique/ Musicality- Level 1-2 Graduate ​- Each month will be concentrating on one of the three mentioned. We will dive deep into that area of dance, so you walk away with a better understanding, more knowledge and be able to apply the concepts immediately to your dancing socially. This is definitely not a class to miss out on.

*LEVEL 2 Syllabus

Month 1
Closed Position
Starter Step

LSP I. Turn
Closed Position to LSP

Sugar Tuck with Leader’s L hand
Rt O. Turn

Month 2
8 count Rhythm,
Right Basket Whip
Left Basket Whip
Sugar Push Inside Turn to Open
Sugar Push Inside Turn to Closed
Rt Basket w/roll out O. Turn

Month 3

Right Same Side Whip
Left Same Side Whip
Footwork and Rolling Action,
Sailor Starter Step
Sugar Tuck with Leader’s R hand
Hip/Rib Catch


Review Sugar Tuck
Sugar Tuck from Closed Position
Left Pass Tuck
Right Under Arm Cut
Cut Off Whip


Month 5
Right Pass Outside Single Turn
Right Pass Outside Double Turn
Reverse Whip

Reverse Whip with Single Turn
Reverse Whip with Double Turn

Month 6
Hip Catch
Leader Hammerlock Whip
Hammerlock Whip


  • Level 1 (Intro to WCS)

    Great way to check out West Coast Swing - Beginner Level
    Valid for one month
    • Three Week Series - Thursday at 7pm
    • No Experience Needed
    • No Partner Needed
  • Level 2 (Beyond Basics)

    Graduates of Level 1
    Valid for one month
    • Three Week Series - Monday at 7pm
    • Perfect for Beyond Beginners
    • Great for those who want to learn & explore more
    • No Partner Needed
  • Drills/Technique/Musicality (Level 2+)

    Learn drills, technique, and fun musicality moves
    Valid for one month
    • Three Week Series - Monday at 7:45pm
    • Learn to create! Learn to connect! Learn to have more fun!
    • No Partner Needed
  • Level 3 (Hi-Novice-Intermediate)

    Graduates of Level 2 or Hi-Novice/Intermediate Dancer
    Valid for one month
    • Three Week Series - Monday at 8:30pm
    • Dig deeper into WCS and learn more movements and styling
    • No Partner Needed
  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Great for those who really want to dig their feet into dance
    • Unlimited Monthly Group Classes
    • Any level and Any style offered
    • Cancel your monthly subscription at any time
    • Plus get up to 135min of Social Dance
    • Best Deal!


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