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Boost Your Mental Health

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Dance and Dance Fitness bolsters physical and mental health in so many ways from improving your posture to lowering your anxiety. Bonus..It's a really fun activity! Here are 8 ways it helps!

  1. Boost aerobic power and muscle strength

  2. Improve flexibility and posture

  3. Lift your mood - Dance is known to improve your mood and can reduce symptoms of depression and/or anxiety

  4. Keep your mind sharp- Use of your Left and Right Brain help keep your mind sharper...go for it! What do you have to loose?

  5. Prevent falls - Studies have been done using dance programs with the results showing the participants reported less fear of falling and feeling more balanced.

  6. Make new friends - Dancing and moving with others, especially to music which fills our souls, tends to encourage strangers to bond with each other. People like to feel they are a part of a group when working on a project, even if it's a fun one like dance, together.

  7. Help your heart - Just like any stationary bike or walking on a treadmill, dance will help you gain a healthier heart and improved your breathing.

  8. Reduce pain and stiffness - Yes..yes! This is true! Knees, hips and other joints will start to become more mobilized and love you for it! Help those with arthritis decrease their pain (bonus: take less pain medication) and become more flexible and mobile.

Lara Deni Danzco Studios offers a wide range of dance lessons, including our new signature "Groove2Fit" challenge subscription soon to be launched.

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