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Dance your way to a fit body with moves that will get you grooving. "Groove2Fit" dance fitness challenge is a low impact, full body 12 week program. You will be challenged, motivated and will feel rejuvenated with each workout! Meet your fitness goals in a whole new way!


You will receive 12 weeks of digital videos. Each week has two videos: 1) Resistance band instruction;2) Workout. With “Groove2Fit” Dance Fitness Challenge you will learn styles like Swing, Hip Hop/Funk, Bachata  and more without even realizing it! Attain your fitness goals while learning dance and having fun!


First, you will learn new dance moves first without an exercise band. Second, we add an exercise band for increasing your muscle tone. The exercise band is for more of a challenge, but it is optional. This challenge is for all levels. Always remember to do what you can and modify the moves as needed. Learn to dance while Loving Life!


Start your journey to Loving Life through Dance Fitness. Order "Groove2Fit" 12 week dance fitness challenge today! You’ll receive a 7 day free trial.  Start today! You have nothing to LOSE but a few inches and GAIN a few dance moves!


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