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Wedding Dance Lessons 

We will prepare you for your first dance with a choreographed routine or just some simple steps to make you feel smooth and confident on the dance floor. Need help picking the right song for the feeling that you want to achieve? We can help with you that as well! We also have a list of preferred caterers, florists, hair stylists, Band/DJs and more, who can help you with the rest of your party needs.  Want to do something a litle different for your wedding?  Add some entertainment for you and your guests? Hire us to give a dance lesson at your wedding and/or give a performance.  

 Your "First Dance" Wedding Lessons 

What we will do for you


• Learn a simple yet elegant entrance to dance floor to start your first dance


• Get assistance with your song selection (whether you've chosen a few songs or none at all)


• Learn numerous dance moves, some styling, form, and musicality 


• Learn an impressive finale with an honorable exit off dance floor 


• Get consulting for the rest of your wedding planning at no extra cost


Note: We recommend at the least 5-7 dance lessons and attending one lesson per week. We realize many people have tight schedules these days, so if you need to have two sessions at once, we can do that too (will minimize your visits).


*We will  accommodate last minute requests and can work with you in as little as 3 days before your Wedding.



Wedding Dance Lesson Packages


Bride and Groom

* Single lesson $90

* Shot Gun Package -  3 lessons $265 ($88/ea)

* Bronze Glisten Package- 5 lessons $425 ($85/ea)

* Silver Stars Package- 7 lessons $581 ($83/ea)

* Gold Glimmer Package- 10 lessons $800 ($80/ea)

Note: Lessons are 45 minutes in length

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son 

Make your dance together an extra special one?  Bring your Mother or Father in to be a part of the special occasion not just a part of the planning of the wedding/event.


* Single Lesson $90   

* Package of 3 lessons - $240-with the purchase of any wedding package 

* Package of 3 lessons - $265-without the purchase of any wedding package 

 Note: Lessons are 45 minutes in length

Wedding Party/Reception Guests

We will work with your wedding party and teach them any form of dance of your choice.  

Performance / Lesson/Party Motivator

We offer group lessons, performance/show  and party motivation serivices for events, charities, parties, weddings and more. Please contact us for availability and rate


Your Wedding Song and Dance Style

*Find song that is meaningful to you both. Did you share a romantic or special moment when a certain song was on in the background? Is there a song that brings emotions out in you? Would you like a song that resemble your relationship or person your are marrying? Think about your Wedding style and how you would like your first dance to come across as (ie: You have a tradition wedding and want your dance to mirror that or you have a more relaxed type wedding and want a fun/cheery dance? Keep in mind the song you choose will also determine the style of dance.  We can show you what styles can be done to the song(s) you want or have in mind.  


*Choose a Wedding "Appropriate" Song. Most Wedding Dance Song lists are created by what songs are most popular.  When choosing your song, also take a good listen to the lyrics. Some romantic or wedding type songs contain lyrics that may not fit a wedding or what you wish to have heard in your first dance (eg: "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston has words like "I'm not what you need). We recommend bringing your music selection with you for your first lesson, so we can discuss the the best song selection for you both. 


*Always remember, this is your dance and not a friends or family members, so make it what you want and have always dreamed of.   We will let you know if a song is easy or hard to learn to dance to, but you choose the song nonetheless. It's Your Wedding and your special moment!


* We can give you suggestions of  great wedding songs to help you choose the right ones for your special day. Just ask us.