"Lara was wonderful! We came to her a month before the wedding with no dancing experience whatsoever and she was able to prepare us for our wedding dance with a handful of lessons. Our dance felt like the highlight of the wedding. Her studio is clean and comfortable and Lara was very  friendly and fun, yet professional at the same time. We look forward to learning more dances from her in the future.” Adam and Lina Kerr


"Lara is a talented, caring, and experienced teacher who truly knows how to improve your dancing at any level. She is truly dedicated to each and every student and she makes dancing fun!!! She won't fail you! Five stars! " Michael Dimatina and Christina Nyugen


"Learning West Coast Swing at DeniDanzco has given me confidence in so many ways. Movement, balance and partner skills are highlighted in the courses, which helps to demystify the potentially scary world of social dancing. I have met wonderful (and patient) people in every class and Lara has really helped me come out of my shell. Come join the fun!" April Cleary

"We are really grateful for you teaching us how to work together on the dance floor, how to feel each other in the dance, and most importantly (from the rookie dancers' point of view) how to make mistakes together so they don't look like mistakes to those who are watching.  Everyone at our wedding reception was very impressed with the beauty of our dance and we couldn't have done it without you.”Mariya and Dmitriy Dolgopolova 

"Lara is an amazing instructor. Her West Coast Swing class has not only taught me to dance, but it has improved all of my other dancing, and so quickly too. " Sam Miller

"Lara, I have enjoyed our dance instructions very much. I think you are an excellent teacher and if anyone were ever to ask me, if I could recommend a good dance instructor I would have to say it would be you,  Lara. As well, you are very kind and dear person. I was most impressed knowledge and abilty teaching me. Thank you for these training experiences.” Dann


"Taking lessons from Lara goes so much further than simply learning how to move to the music – it has fundamentally changed the way I interact with the world around me.  Learning how to dance is about understanding how the human body naturally moves and expanding its realm of possibilities.  Once I realized that, I was able to use what I learned to add grace, meaning, & purpose to every day movements outside of the dance floor.  Lara was also able to show me how dancing is really about creating a genuine connection with your dance partner, where two people are able to carry on an intimate & endlessly dynamic conversation with each other at a deeper level beyond the triviality of words.  As a result, Lara has not only helped me become a better dancer, but she has also expanded my horizons and helped me become a better athlete, a better martial artist, a better listener, and a better communicator."  Lionel Lei


"Lara is amazing!!!! Love her class plus there is David very good instructor. I am glad to be their student. One of the best West Coast Swing dancing studios!!! Come and see for yourself :)" Eddie Suermanov


"We started taking West Coast Swing lessons from Lara in September 2010 and soon after started Salsa classes also. Since then we have been taking classes exclusively from Lara. We are now on our 13th West Coast Series and 8th Salsa Series of classes. Each Series usually consists of 8 weeks of lessons on either Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings. We highly recommend her. " Robyn Walker and Chris Tuey



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