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West Coast Swing / Salsa / Country/ Latin/ Ballroom


We can Turn Your Every Day Walk into Dancing! 
Falls Church, VA and Vienna, VA
Questions often asked

1) Classes are 45min 

2) Refunds offered only 48 hours before class/class series starts

3) You can make-up a class with a class that is of a lower level and running during your current series class time period

Level Description

Level 1
Bronze: No Experience Necessary - 6 count Rhythm, Left and Right Side passes )with left and right hand, Start Step, Zones A-C, Sugar Push with left and right hand and both hands, Right pass Under Arm Turn (Inside turn), Left pass Outside Turn with left and right hand, How to lead on the rails and the track properly, How to follow on the track properly, Hand changes between patterns, 
Silver: Bronze Graduate- 8 count Rhythm, Right and Left Basket Whip, Sugar Push Inside Turn to Open and to Closed,Right and left Same Side Whip, Footwork and Rolling Action, Sailor Starter Step, Right Under Arm/Cut off Same Side Whip
Gold: Silver Graduate- Sugar Tuck from Open, Left Pass Tuck, Whip, Left Pass Inside Turn, Right Pass Outside Turn (single and double turns), Reverse Whip 


Level 2/3

Level 1 Graduate- Hip Catches, Whips with Inside and Outside Turns, Turn techniques, Leaders Turns, Sugar Tuck from Closed Position, Sugar and Left pass Tucks to Hammerlock, Struts, Re-directs, Sling Shots, Apache Whip, Open Whip, Technique, Variations, Styling and Musicality

Drills and Technique

Level 1 Silver and Above

Virtual Classes

June 1-24 - Free Facebook Live Lessons Monday & Wednesday

Where: Private Facebook group page "GiveBackWithDance"

*In Honor of tour Essential Workers, current/past clients

*No is Partner Needed! 

*Once you register you will be added to a FB group page called "GiveBackWithDance" and you'll can Invite others you want to join you for some FUN!


Monday 8:45pm

Wednesday 12pm


1st Week -  Basic Waltz line dance
2nd Week - Dance Mix Cardio
3rd Week - Latin Cardio Class
4th Week - Basic Nite Club 2Step Line Dance


Non-Virtual Safe Classes (10 people Max)



3408 Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA

Upon entering: 
You will sanitize hands, put on a mask and protective glasses provided
When Exiting: You will  sanitize hands and drop mask and protective glasses in separate baskets for proper overnight sanitizing ​​

West Coast Swing



7:15pm - Level 2/3* with Lara & David *See class description

8-8:30pm- Practice Dance Session

8:30pm - Drills and Technique  with Lara & David


7:15pm - Level 1 Silver* with Lara & David *See class description

8-8:30pm- Practice Dance Session
8:30pm - Level 1 Gold* with Lara & David *See class description



$69 / 3 week series + 90minutes Social Practice Sessions (3 classes/month OF one Level Only)

$200 / Unlimited Class Monthly Membership (Any classes/Any Level) + 180minutes of Social Practice Sessions

Where: Lara Deni Danzco Studio, Falls Church, VA


8032 Leesburg, Pike, Vienna, VA 22182 ( 2nd floor)

Thursday West Coast Swing Lessons + Dance

Cancelled until Further Notice!


8pm-Beginner Lesson

8:30pm-Beginner Review Lesson 

8:30pm-Intermediate Lesson

9:15-11:15pm - Dance Party / Social


$15 - Dance + Lessons  (Cash Only)

$8 for Students Ages 15-23 with Student ID 

$5 for Children  ages  7- 14

$10 after 10pm 

*No Partner Needed  *No Experience Needed to Beginner Lessons

*First Thursday of the Month is FREE for New Students who arrive at 8pm and take the Beginner lesson

Where Tysons Ballroom, 8032 Leesburg, Pike,

Vienna, VA 22182 ( 2nd floor)

West Coast Swing

What is West Coast Swing (the latest dance craze around the world)

West Coast Swing (aka WCS) is one of the nation's most amazing partner dances because it is fun, challenging, and versatile. It can be danced to an incredible variety of music-popular, rock, R&B, jazz, blues, country, hip hop, zydeco, disco, oldies, Latin, basically any music that uses a 4/4 time signature. The greatest part of this dance is that is for all ages from ages 4-100+ and appeases the likes of all those generations because of its music and style versatility.  WCS can be performed simply and easily with a few basic patterns; or it can be embellished with an extensive repertoire of patterns and footwork variations. It is one of the few partner dances that allows for a great degree of experience between the dancers. The structure is such that an accomplished dancer can enjoy him or herself with a beginner and that makes for a very friendly dance environment.

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